“Teaching is about unlocking doors. We often feel ourselves limited by our intellectual or technical deficiencies, but it is the critical or overly judgmental part of one’s being that is hindering musical expression. I do not teach with competitions as a focal point, but for the enjoyment of the process. Then one sees what comes.” —L.B.

For the past thirty years Ms. Brandwynne has been on the music faculty at the University of California at Davis, teaching piano and chamber music. In addition, she teaches out of her private studio in Berkeley, California. She is much beloved by her students, as their quarterly reviews at the University over the past decades attest.

“Excellent technical instruction”
“Valuable knowledge imparted with wonderful energy”
“She can quickly analyze each player's strong and weak points. She has a very open mind, experimental…a sense of humor.”
“A very rewarding experience”
“Class was very inspiring.”

Her master classes are very popular among serious pianists and teachers. In a survey after a recent master class, participants were asked whether they would wish to take the course again, and one hundred percent answered in the affirmative.

Apart from her expertise in musical interpretation and analysis, Ms. Brandwynne is amazingly effective at analyzing technical problems with rapid, positive results, and more importantly, helping mind and heart towards having a free musical experience.

Ms. Brandwynne is a member of the Music Teachers Association of California. She can be contacted for master classes, lecture/demonstrations or piano instruction.

“Dear Ms. Brandwynne, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to study with you over the past three amazing years. Thank you so much for your kindness, guidance, patience and for being an inspiration to me. You have been nothing but a positive influence on my growing and learning experience, and I hope you continue to share your compassion and love of music with many students to come!” —Geneva Lai, ’07, University of California at Davis.

“What's so incredible about you is that you truly practise what you preach...and boy, does it work wonders. You have a gift which you have shared with so many others including myself. I want you to know that you have touched me, and for that I am most grateful.” —Jennifer Lee, ’02, University of California at Davis